ComiPo! Next Generation Manga Software.


Support and online activation of "ComiPo! desktop (non-steam) version" ended on December 31, 2020.
We are continuing to support and update the "Manga Maker ComiPo" sold on steam. Please use it in the future.

A Brief Overview of ComiPo!

Good news for people who can't draw!

If you use ComiPo!, you can easily make manga in a style of drawing that you could not create yourself.

Image:Good news for people who can't draw!

Post, create, and change character easily... Because they're 3D data!

The character models are 3D data, so you can pose them from any angle.You can also create your own original characters easily by selecting items such as hairstyle, clothing, eye color, accessories and glasses.


Just choose from the menu!

Drag and drop a character from the 3D Character menu, and select a pose and face from the templates.
There are over 100 poses and faces to choose from.
Lots of Background Images, various Japanese Sound Effects and Comic Marks are available, too.
You can easily show a character's emotions by adding Comic Marks and Sound Effects.

Image:Dfag and Drop!

Now you can create manga simply by using a mouse - except when you type the words! (If you create a comic without words, then all you need is a mouse!)

Image:Mouse Only

It's simple to make changes, even as your manga project nears completion! Make as many adjustments as needed until you are satisfied. (Then it becomes a waiting game between you and your client.)


You can easily create high quality comics simply by laying out data! (However, please provide your own imagination and motivation.)


You can save a lot of time! (You no longer need to stay up all night working only to carelessly knock over an inkbottle!)

Image:Save Time

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