Demos and Tutorials

Demos and Tutorials

Image: How do you use ComiPo!? It’s EASY! Just follow these simple steps!

Posing 3D Characters

Image: Posing 3D Characters
Drag and drop a character from the "3D character" menu! Select a pose and face from the templates.
There are over 100 poses and faces to choose from!
They are categorized by the character's emotions, so it's simple to choose the right expression for any situation!

Changing Camera Angles

Image: Changing Camera Angles
After you choose the pose and face, it's time to select the angle for the character!
The character model is 3D data, so you can pose the character from any angle just by dragging the red circle.

Background Images

Image: Background Images
You can import data, such as a picture you took with a camera, and then use it as a background image.


Image: Balloons
Next, select a balloon and enter some text! You can choose from many different kinds of word balloons and thought balloons.

Comic Marks and Sound Effects

Image: Comic Marks and Sound Effects
Additionally, you can use icons called Comic Marks.
You can show the character's feelings by adding Comic Marks and Sound Effects.
There are many Sound Effects in the assets menu.
Various Japanese Sound Effects are available too!

Effect Lines

Image: Effect Lines
Drag & drop an Effect Line from the assets menu.
You can make a dynamic panel instantly!
Effect Lines can be used as balloons to make it look like a monologue is taking place.

3D Character Customization

Image: 3D Character Customization
You can create your own original character easily by selecting items such as hairstyle, clothing, eye color, accessories and glasses.
Customize your own unique characters and add them to your manga!
Using ComiPo!, you can easily enjoy making manga without drawing anything.
Make original manga to add to your blog, homepage, to share with friends, anything you can think of! There are so many possibilities!

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