Product and Buying Information

Buying Info

How to Buy ComiPo!
ComiPo! is available as a paid download from Steam.

Product Info

System Requirements


Windows 10, 8.1
* Support 64bitOS only


* We recommend you to set Regional Format to English.

Installed Memory

4GB or more is required
* Recommends 8GB or more

HDD space

4GB or more is required


1024 x 768 or more

Graphic Card
  • VRAM 256MB or more (Recommends 256MB or more)
  • DirectX 9.0c compatible
  • Pixel Shader 2.0 or more

Internet connection required.

CPD Compatibility

CPD files (Comic File) created using the English and Japanese and Korean version of ComiPo! are not fully-compatible with each other. Please note that some data might be lost when open on different version.

ComiPo! Data Collection Compatibility

  • You cannot use the Japanese versions of the ComiPo! Collection Additional Data packages with the English version, or vice-versa.

Regarding Copyright

We do not make any copyright claims to the comics you create using ComiPo!. However, you may not claim any copyright to any visual representation such as characters included in ComiPo!. Please contact us if you have any further questions on this matter.

Product Features

3D Characters
Five preset 3D characters
More than 100 different poses and faces
More than 100 different kinds of word and thought balloons
More than 50 different flexible frame sets
Comic Marks
More than 300 different Comic Marks
Effect Lines
More than 100 different effect lines
By saving selected layer in 'Snap Asset,' it can be easily reused laters by simply dragging and dropping from the list.
Custom 3D Characters
Clothes: 2 types for each gender
Eye: 6 patterns x 24 colors
Hair Styile: 11 styles x 22 colors
Etc.: Over 50 other accessories
3D Items
More than 100 different 3D items
Background Images
More than 200 different background images
Sound Effects
More than 1,000 different sound effects
Imported 2D Data
Importing user 2D data (JPEG, PNG) is available
Imported 3D Data
Importing user 3D data ('Wavefront OBJ' and 'Metasequoia MQO') is available
For more detail » Importing User 3D Data(Facebook Page)

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