IMPORTANT MESSAGE for all ComiPo! desktop (non-Steam) users

This is an IMPORTANT MESSAGE for all ComiPo! desktop (non-Steam) users.

ComiPo! has decided to discontinue the development and support of the desktop (non-Steam) version of ComiPo! and will focus efforts on the Steam version going forward.

All current non-Steam users can receive the Steam version of ComiPo! and the DLC corresponding to any premium item they own for FREE, and continue using the ComiPo! Steam version moving forward.
It is recommended that desktop users switch to the Steam version as soon as possible.

Support for the desktop version of ComiPo! will be provided until December 31, 2019 and can be activated until December 31, 2020.

Owners of the desktop version can get their free Steam copy by converting their ComiPo! key and Premium Item keys on the following page:

Once there, you will be asked for your ComiPo! desktop License Key. If your license keys are missing, please contact the shop from which you purchased ComiPo! originally.

To activate ComiPo! on Steam, please refer to the following site:

Thank you for being a ComiPo! user and for your continued support.

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